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Portal Governance Workshop


This one day intensive workshop launches your ability to govern your enterprise portal to realize enterprise gains and mitigate corporate risk. Your team will have:

  • a strategic understanding of the need for governance,
  • the components of a governance program,
  • different models for organizing governance bodies

Most importantly, effbis will get you started in developing policies and leave you with a framework and customizable templates for continuing your work when effbis departs at the end of the day.

How it Works
Prior to the workshop, effbis will review relevant strategic and policy documents. We can then work with you to determine which governance areas and issues to focus on during the workshop. 

  • We will provide a Governance template with a reference set of over 200 key questions in eight categories on Web policies, guidelines and roles needing explicit answers
  • We will work  with business and IT to identify the gaps in existing governance and begin the process of filling them
  • After the initial session you have the option of continuing through the remaining questions on your own or arranging for additional time with effbis
  • Follow-up reviews can be arranged to audit progress against goals

The 8 Governance Categories Covered:

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Home pages
  • Feedback
  • Design
  • Access/Permissions
  • Archiving and migration
  • Governance Structure