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Usability Review

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The usability review is your decision tool to make your site more successful. The usability review is:

  • Explicit: You benefit from hundreds of usability criterions that we score on your site to clearly indicate where your site deviates from industry usability best practices,
  • Pragmatic: All deviations of your site as compared to usability best practices are documented using annotated screenshots, which explains you the issue straightforward
  • Instructive: Best practices examples of successful Web site (annotated screenshots) explain you how you can fix each of your usability flaw,
  • Objective: As a third party, we provide an impartial approach for gaining consensus and common understanding among stakeholders, bringing an outside perspective your development team and employees cannot, and
  • Neutral: unlikely many other firms, we are free to make recommendations based on your best interest. Because we are not in the implementation business, our judgment is not coloured by efforts to gain implementation revenue

The usability review allows you to leverage your Web site investment, by identifying deviations from what works, providing a basis for prioritising efforts and documenting your intentions for managing the change process.

How the Web Usability Review works
Our analysts take an objective approach to public site effectiveness, using hundreds of checkpoints derived from experimental results, professional standards and case studies. We then measure the effectiveness of your site against this externally validated reference set of usability standards and effective public site practices.

Once we learn where your site conforms or deviates from usability standards and effective practices within specified category reference sets, we make actionable recommendations for improving the effectiveness of your site (quick-wins, near-term and strategic actions).

The challenges and opportunities that your public site faces are documented in explicit detail and this analysis becomes a tool for gaining consensus and communicating design and development priorities, future spending and business decisions.

This Web analysis goes beyond a “standard review” as it also acts as the blueprint for change. It communicates functional requirements to designers and developers and serves as the set of criteria for auditing the resulting implementation against the original requirements.


Download Brochure - Web Site Design and Usability Review

Did you know?

Seventy percent of all Web site visitors leave a Web site without finding what they came for, even when the information is on the site. Despite the money and effort that go into developing Web site applications and content, few visitors are able to access the information they need. As a result, all of your resources dedicated to creating huge volumes of information and truly helpful self-service functions are wasted. And if this wouldn’t be already enough, your Web site leaves a negative impact on visitors and a black mark on the company's brand, driving your prospects and customers directly to your competitors!