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Competitive Web Monitor


If you are to remain competitive, you need to know how leading companies in your industry use the Web to attract and communicate with prospects and customers. You also need to understand what functionality and content they provide to strengthen their relationships with prospects and customers.

Our Competitive Web Monitor will give you the information you need to play in the same league as your industry's All Stars. On a regular basis, we analyze the Web sites of leading or emerging companies in your industry (not just your direct competitors, but also niche player who provide innovative online services). Our objective is to identify innovative online services and emerging technologies deployed in your industry. Understanding how your peers or competitors are using the Web enables you to:

  • Align with your competition more quickly. For instance, we can identify important Web features and services that your competitors offer, but are missing from your site.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitive environment. For example, we might identify services offered by a competitor in a different geographic region or niche player that you might employ.

Such a pragmatic and proven approach provides you with an effective tool to decide how to align and differentiate your Web site to ensure that it remains on the cutting edge of your industry.

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