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Web Information Architecture

Information architecture is what helps customers find what they need on your Web site. We help you maximize the investment in your business site by helping you ensure visitors can find the information they came for.

Achieve Increased Web Site Effectiveness
In today’s ultra-competitive business climate, your Web site must outstrip the competition. We can help you understand how your site measures up to your competition, and helps you build a site that provides an intuitive way for constituents to access your information you want them to see.
We begin with a thorough Web content audit, which we analyze and compare to your competitor’s sites. A thorough analysis will help you understand:
  • How the competition presents and structures their Web information
  • How to change your content to close any competitive gaps
The depth of the audit depends on your goals for content redesign. If you are focused on a high-level navigation redesign, we audit sample content. If you plan a major change / redesign, such as a migration to a content management system (CMS) or enterprise content management system (ECM), we conduct a rigorous, in-depth analysis through multiple navigation levels. 
Our analysts will help you determine:
  • What visitors expect to see on your site, and what content you may be missing
  • How content groups are related, and how it is positioned and linked to
  • How your customers navigate through your site
  • How to provide the best entry points (to critical content)
Our experience, best practices and research gives you insight beyond what your design team and employees can provide. We will:
  • Help you create effective links between content groups
  • Develop an overall information structure that satisfies customer expectations
  • Save you money by maximizing your investment and reducing the time to redesign
Maximize the New Site with Mocked-Up Pages
We document your site structure by creating mocked-up pages — the content of your site stripped of any design — to reveal the underlying architecture. The mocked-up pages show you where all of the elements of your site, such as content and navigational aids, need to be.(need to clarify that we show them where they are AND where they need to be. In essence, a “before” and “after”.)  The new design will allow users to navigate quickly through the information, making it easy for them to find what they need and what your organization wants them to find!. 
Using mocked-up pages, we can determine:
  • How to design and structure the home page to ensure that prospects and customers start navigating in the right spot
  • How to structure the underlying site information to ensure site visitors find what they came for as quickly, intuitively, and effectively as possible
  • How to cross-link content groups to present all of your information more effectively (or - to cross-link content so that all of your critical content becomes apparent to your site users
We share our findings with your business Web site team during an onsite meeting. Afterward. Based upon this presentation, we will then finalize the mocked-up landing pages, through at least the first- and second-page level.
The content audit analysis, along with our understanding of mental models, helps us define the overarching user experience of the site. 
What Sets Effbis Apart
Our unique experience, best practices and research findings will give you the perspective that your design team and employees need. To help guide your design team, we will:
  • Create effective mocked-up landing pages
  • Provide detailed navigation specifications for every page as an implementation guide
  • Significantly  reduce time and costs for redesign for the new information architecture