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Web Analytics

The Sad Truth about Corporate Web Analytics

Web analytics tools are powerful instruments that monitor site performance with quantitatively measure visitor behaviour. However, they don’t measure what drives visitor behaviour. Turning this data into Web site improvements requires an understanding of usability, online marketing, and information architecture skills — a senior Web expert — which many companies cannot afford.
Because of this lack of internal resources, many companies just send around the Web analytics report, proudly announcing increased page views and number of site visitors, without understanding whether the analytics show good or bad behaviour. Commonly misunderstood Web analytics include:
  • Increased page views can indicate that your visitors are lost on your Web site, and are trying hard to find the information they came for.
  • The number of site visitors does not tell you anything about who the visitors are — whether they are qualified leads or mistakenly driven there by an ineffective marketing campaign.
How our Clients Benefited from the Web Analytics Service
effbis helps customers determine their site conversion ratio derived from the Web site strategy and objectives.
The site conversion ratio means different things to different kinds of businesses, for example:
  • Non-profit organizations: Conversion ratios indicate visitor awareness about their organization, such as their mission and donations.
  • Brick-and-mortar organizations: Conversion ratios relate to generating online leads, driving site visitors to support pages or product pages.
  • E-commerce organizations: Conversion ratios inform these companies about information such as direct sales figures, up-selling and cross-selling activities, and retention rates.
These business-driven conversion ratios are translated into multiple Web Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). An effbis senior analyst determines the appropriate raw Web analytics data points, defines the Web KPIs, and provides you with the formula to calculate them.
As these KPIs are measured over time, effbis helps you establish an action plan for site improvement.
This service can be delivered on a monthly subscription basis or as a coaching service to progressively build internal skills