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Intranet, B2E Portal - Intranet Strategy

effbis will work with you in a targeted and pragmatic way to ensure that your B2E portal strategy is complete, aligned with business priorities and web 2.0 ready. We will validate, refine or create your strategy to ensure that the:

  • Vision of portal future state is agreed upon
  • Goals are identified and prioritized
  • Processes and content are linked to goals
  • Portal strengths/weaknesses are identified
  • Objectives, metrics and feedback mechanisms are determined
  • Business (not IT) is accountable for portal success
  • Executive team views the portal as critical to business success
  • Senior management speaks of  the portal in terms of its value, not in terms of its features and functionality

In-depth interviews with content and process owners and users will reveal employee and sponsor expectations and uncover both obvious and latent challenges to portal success.

effbis’ Intranet Strategy engagement helps determine the best way to leverage your technology investment and provides pragmatic and actionable recommendations for executing on your portal goals.