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Open-Source Development

We capitalize in developing Web sites and Extranets using open-source content management solution (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. Depending on your project and also your future needs, we will propose you the most suitable open-source CMS. Without going into the details and joining the infinite debates on which is now the best open-source CMS, our experience showed us:

  • WordPress is best suited for small Web site with low complexity. If you just need a Web site to promote your products, services and solutions, then WordPress is definitely an excellent open-source CMS.
  • Joomla is best suited for mid-sized Web site with a medium-level of complexity, which is due to Joomla’s less flexible architecture as compared to Drupal. If you can stick to Joomla’s way of doing things and do not require full flexibility or full customization for your Web, then Joomla can do the job.
  • Drupal offers the highest level of flexibility among these three open-source CMS and is best suited for large Web site with high-complexity.