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Most companies have corporate Web design standards, but many have difficulty applying them corporate-wide. There are various reasons for this, including:

  • internal disagreement or non-awareness,
  • non-exploitable,
  • outdated or overly complicated standards and even internal politics.

Not using or not complying with existing corporate Web design standards results in redundant developments (paying multiple times for the same Web site feature at different sites) escalating maintenance costs to update and evolve Web sites (multiplied by the number of corporate sites) and, generally, wasted time and operational efforts in an increasingly competitive economy.

Are your corporate Web design standards "actionable" for both IT and Business?
"Actionable" design standards are those that promote awareness, agreement and "buy-in" by all of your IT and Business stakeholders. This is best achieved if all of your stakeholders are involved in their selection and periodic review. Of course, corporate standards must meet your company's Business and IT requirements, but we have observed that it is also important to apply Web guidelines to the people and processes involved in the design process.

Corporate Web design standards accelerates essential consensus and change
Our Design Standards offering:

  • helps you establishing actionable Web standards for Business and IT.
  • provides you an impartial approach to achieving consensus and common understanding among stakeholders, resulting from our extensive research, and as a neutral third party
  • brings you an outside perspective that your Web site development team and employees cannot provide.

The basic Web Design Standards package consists of three steps

Step 1: A one-day best practice workshop on Web site design and usability best practices to help you align Business and IT stakeholders and explain the Web standards framework, from which your own standards can be reviewed, completed and updated. Using our framework and Web design best practices, your Web team will then be able to revise and finalize your own Web standards. Deliverables:

Step 2: Validation of your newly revised Web standards by our analysts.

  • Validation of your corporate Web standards, with recommendations for adjustments as appropriate.

Step 3: A Compliance Audit by our Web Review Team to ensure that your new corporate standards are being correctly adhered to and applied (two one-day audits onsite, limited to one year). Further updates of our Best Practices are provided depending on the changes in Web users' behavior and expectations. Step 3 can be renewed every year to ensure accuracy and compliance of Web standards over time.

  • Two Compliance Audits.
  • Update(s) of Best Practices for one year.

We also offer the following three optional packaged components to complement the three basic steps:

  • Facilitation Workshops (Step 1): Facilitation workshop to serve as a catalyst for the process of internal collaboration and consensus. This workshop can be repeated multiple times during Step 1 and with different audiences (business units, geographic regions).
  • Web Standards Sample Document (Step 1): In addition to the deliverables of Step 1, we can provide you a sample of a complete Web standards document. This can be especially valuable if you don’t have (significant) standards in place, and hence you cannot leverage a certain percentage of your existing standards. This sample document reduces your time to set up the new Web Standards. The main work consists of adapting this sample to your company's context and needs.
  • Compliance Audit (Step 3): The compliance audits of Step 3 can be extended on a yearly subscription basis. This provides you external monitoring of corporate-wide adherence to standards. It ensures that your corporate standards will be constantly updated to conform to the latest data on users' behavior changes and expectations.


Download Brochure - Web Standards

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