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Web Consulting Overview


Designed for executives who are responsible for:
  • Developing Web strategy,
  • Ensuring that Web sites are effective and easy to use,
  • Optimizing the ROI for Web projects and
  • Managing complex sites throughout their lifecycle, while ensuring their alignment with the business needs.


The Web Effectiveness Program consists of six modules:
  • Web Design Best Practice Workshop: Provides successful real-life Web site design examples and design implementation options,
  • Web Usability Review: Determines deviations from Web site design best practices and competitors' sites,
  • Usability Benchmarks: Understand your competitive online landscape
  • Web Quality Assurance: Ensures through workshops, reviews and audits that the major Web project milestones (specification, development and testing) are best aligned with Web site design best practices and company business goals,
  • Web Standards : provides actionable Web design standards for business and IT to reduce corporate Web spending,

Features and Benefits of our Web Effectiveness Program

The Web Effectiveness Program enables an enterprise to translate corporate Web strategy into effective Web site design and to measure and manage the effectiveness of its Web sites by:
Assisting the company with its Web strategy and, during the development process, ensuring that the next Web site release is aligned with business objectives. Key measures of success:
  • Common language and understanding among the Web project team for making and implementing Web site decisions,
  • Increased ROI from aligning the Web strategy with key business goals,
  • More meaningful and accurate data to improve both operational and strategic decision-making.